Welcomed Distractions

In preparation for this blog post, I went canvassing Facebook for ideas from my friends because I had hit a writer’s roadblock and couldn’t find a way over the hurdle. While most of my friends thought it was funny that I of all people was at a loss for words, one friend took it seriously and simply suggested for me to write about what I know.

This seems like an easy task, but I know a lot of stuff, even though most days I feel like the biggest idiot to ever walk the face of the Earth. How do I focus on just one thing? I have too much going on to focus on just one thing. I’m going to school full time; I have classes in the morning; I leave school and my husband goes to work. I have four children: two from my marriage, my daughter from my previous relationship and my stepson. Every other week the oldest two go to their other parents which means that the opposite weeks I am meeting my husband at work to swap the babies, coming home to get my daughter off the bus and then driving back across town to pick up my stepson from his bus stop.

By the time we get home, it’s time to start dinner, tidy up, and do homework. And let’s not forget about Tucker. Oh, Tucker. Tucker is our one year old Australian Shepherd with the worst case of doggie ADD and PICA I’ve ever seen. He’s beautiful but insanely obnoxious and most days the only attention I can afford to pay him is when I’m yelling at him for demolishing the contents of our trashcans or destroying the toys that took months to save and buy for Christmas. I have lost the battle of him sleeping in our bed, though I admit I didn’t fight very hard. Our room is very cold in the winter and I admit I welcomed the extra warmth his furry coat gave my frozen piggies night after night. You would think that somewhere in his simple canine brain he would be grateful for this, but instead, Tucker insists on negotiating the terms of his space on my mattress. With his front paws in my back and his hind paws pushing on my butt, he gives me a mighty shove. With his head nestled firmly under my husband’s face, I can hear him licking my husband’s arm incessantly. I’m losing this battle every night and I have the edge of the bed to prove it. My husband adores this dog. Me? Well…I just took him to get neutered, so there’s that.

There really is nothing like trying to concentrate amidst numerous distractions. I would know, I do it every single day. If it’s not homework, it’s focusing on trying not to burn the house down while cooking. There’s always a toddler willing to test and see if that burner on the stove is really hot, and it’s usually right when I’m in the middle of rinsing the chicken or mixing the mashed potatoes. As I sat down to write this blog post tonight, I had the best of intentions to focus solely on this and only this. My oldest daughter, however, thought it would be a perfect time to bring me a thousand papers that required my signature, because all the daylight from this afternoon wasn’t an appropriate time.

But day after day, time after time, I fight through the distractions and continue with the multitasking that is the job description of motherhood. For as hard as they are and as long as they are, I will cherish them because one of these days, my kids will be grown and gone. They will no longer need picked up at the bus stop or beg me to take them to the park. At some point, it will just be me and my husband…and Tucker. Because God knows it’d be my luck that that dog would be the one dog to be the longest living dog in the world. He’s lucky he’s cute.


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