Big Thoughts, Little Ocean

If you’ve ever traveled out of your home state, or country if you’re the international traveling type, you may or may not have noticed how different the sky looks from place to place. For me, it’s the first thing I notice. When I go to the mountains, I notice the difference more at night. The... Continue Reading →


A Better Man

All those things I've always wanted to say but never had the courage to actually say them...


I never realized it until recently (or maybe I refused to believe it), but I have been dealing with depression most of my life. My mother also went through a major depression when she was right around my age. Hers affected her differently: she slept for months. My grandmother also went through some depression, so... Continue Reading →

Parental Fears

Have you ever been scared? Of course you have. Do you have children? If not, then you’ve never been scared in the way that physically changes your genetic makeup. If you do, then you know the fear I’m talking about. I’m referring to that fear that you feel down in the pit of your stomach... Continue Reading →

Welcomed Distractions

In preparation for this blog post, I went canvassing Facebook for ideas from my friends because I had hit a writer’s roadblock and couldn’t find a way over the hurdle. While most of my friends thought it was funny that I of all people was at a loss for words, one friend took it seriously... Continue Reading →

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