Inconvenient Shooting

My husband and I got into a fight the night before Valentine’s Day. He went to bed early and I slept in my son’s room (he wasn’t home) to sleep and cried myself to sleep. On Valentine’s Day, while my youngest son napped in the car, I cried some more in the parking lot of... Continue Reading →



How long does it take for a chameleon to change color and blend with his surroundings?

I Accept…With Caution

What is it that brings us each to the point where we feel like we’ve accomplished something great? Is it knowing that we’ve completed a task and never have to do it again? Is it something we’ve done to better ourselves? Did it make us more money? Did it make us happier? Did we make... Continue Reading →

Failure Is An Option

It’s been a long couple of months since my last blog. Trying to find a way to swim through the ocean of pain has been a challenge, but I think I’ve finally found a current to carry me to shore. I struggled with being medicated for this depression of mine. A daily routine of medication... Continue Reading →

Morning Mist

Morning Mist is a poem I wrote in a moment of mourning that sprang up on me by simply looking at a painting. I had a total of 5 minutes to get it all down and this was the final result. I found it in my old emails this morning and thought I would share it with you.

Bank Robbing Shut-In

I’ve been thinking about writing this now for days. I have thought diligently about the words I would type out on my white, electronic canvas, only to decide that it would require too much energy to actually move my fingers enough to get the thoughts organized into a cohesive document. After several hours of struggling... Continue Reading →

Coffee Grounds and Hot Pavement

Well, it’s only been about ten days since I’ve taken to the keyboard on this here blog, but apparently, ten days can leave a path of destruction in this little life of mine. Most of the time, my life is like the little house on the prairie: set back far from the dirt road, nestled behind some big trees and tall fields of grain, surrounded by serenity, love, and the laughter of my family.

The Anniversary

June 22, 2017 I wonder sometimes if you’ve met her yet. I wonder if she’s still a perfect little girl and if she would cling to you the way a child would normally cling to their mother. I’ve separated myself from that life, he doesn’t seem to care much, but I can’t help but wish... Continue Reading →

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